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Our mission is to bring distinct flavors to your kitchen, promote biodiversity, and improve the livelihood of farmers.


Red Pepper

Our Cambodian red pepper berries are left to ripen fully on the vine, achieving a rich, deep red hue.

This natural ripening process imparts a sweeter flavor that is cherished by chefs and home cooks alike.

It delivers a gentle heat with delightful fruity undertones, enhancing your culinary creations.


Black Pepper

Sourced from the picturesque Kampot and Kep regions of Cambodia, the region's unique climate and soil conditions infuse our pepper with its distinctive flavor.

Its intricate taste profile appeals to enthusiasts, offering a bold, spicy flavor with a robust earthiness.

With an open, floral aroma, it's the perfect choice for those who love experimenting with strong flavors in their cooking.


White Pepper

Our white pepper is derived by meticulously removing the outer black layer from fully ripened berries, resulting in its distinctive color.

Compared to black and red pepper, the white pepper boasts a subtle aroma while maintaining a sharp and spicy profile.

This makes it the ideal option for delicate dishes, where the pepper's spiciness shines through without significantly altering the dish's flavor.


Green Pepper

Dive into the unique realm of green pepper, a rare variety harvested before full maturity.

Known for its fresh, slightly tangy taste and mild heat compared to mature peppers, it also boasts a vibrant aroma with hints of grassiness and citrus.

This variety is cherished in recipes requiring a subtle essence and a distinctive touch, making it ideal for culinary explorations like pickling and preserves.